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Introducing: Writer's Corner Wednesdays

Tonight the Jewish holiday Shavuot begins. Traditionally, this is a holiday that marks when the Jewish people received the Torah at Mount Sinai. Some Jews celebrate it by staying up all night and studying Torah: it’s a very book-centric holiday!


What better time, then, to announce a summer Q&A series that I’ll be running throughout the summer?! Each Wednesday, I’ll share an interview with a different Jewish author. We’ll dish about all things writing, publishing, and bookish. You’ll be able to meet new writers, hear about what they’re working on, and get some great advice from published authors.


Tomorrow will feature an interview with Rabbi Dr. Jo David, who writes Regency-era Romances under the nom de plume Nola Saint James (paging all Janeites and Bridgerton fans!). Hear her fascinating story and learn what it takes to write an engaging, historically-accurate period novel!

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